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The difference between the life I thought I would be leading in my mid-30s and the life I am actually living are so different, it’s laughable!

When I was young and in my 20s, I had a career in Sales & Marketing which I thought would be my life long devotion. Becoming an upper level manager within the company 8 months after I was hired and finding out a few years later that there was a definite ceiling capping my advancement altered those thoughts.

I supplemented with side hustles – building up a thriving freelance business and reputation as a fast and talented copywriter, creative graphic designer, and strategic marketing consultant held my attention for a time.
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But there was so much missing.

I couldn’t put my finger on what at the time, but I knew that I didn’t feel fulfilled. I wasn’t making a difference. I wasn’t having any sort of impact on anyone’s life…not even my own. I was boring. Bored and boring.

When I decided to become a Health Coach the entire world took on an exciting new brightness.

When I threw caution to the wind, sold everything I owned and became a digital nomad health coach, life had never been more wonderful.

When I finally received my certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and there was nothing standing between me and my clients…

The terror set in…
Who the heck am I to be coaching people about health? What, I go through a 1 year program and think I can fix people!?
No one in their right mind would ever want to work with me. Why would they? I’m going to go bankrupt…probably while I’m stranded in a foreign country somewhere.

I’ll look like a total fool when I have to go back to some entry level office job or retail position. What are my friends going to say? My family? I can never tell them…I just won’t ever go home. I’ll take on a new identity. It’ll be fun, right? Like a movie. OH MY GOD WHAT AM I DOING!
Have you ever had a moment like that? I’ve had many of those moments.
And then I remembered something I used to tell my clients all the time, back when I was a marketing consultant:
“You will always be at least one step ahead of someone else. Your experience can change someone’s life. To a 2nd grader, a 5th grader is an expert. Someone needs what you can teach them. Someone is struggling, and they don’t have the resources or time or knowledge to go out and learn what you already know so it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be there for them to find when they look.”
And then I started to breathe again. 

I do have a story. I have a serious health story and a serious reason for choosing to be a Health Coach. I do have something to offer people. Maybe not everyone in the world. Maybe not even really, really sick people. But there are definitely people who are starting back where I started. And I can help them.


And then the analysis paralysis set in…
Ok, people out there need to learn from me. How do I teach them?
Do I create information products, or workshops, or do one-to-one coaching or group coaching or…
I should create information products. Ok, so I have 2496 ideas, where do I start? What do I charge? How much do I provide?
Maybe I’ll do a workshop instead, that’ll be easier. Where should I record it? Should I limit how many people can attend? Where should I market it? Should I offer bonuses? Of course I should…what should my bonuses be? Should I get affiliates or start up a referral program?
Oh my goodness, a workshop is too much! I’m just going to offer one-on-one coaching and that’s it! Whew. Ok. Let’s set that up, that’s easy. Just a landing page. And a sign up bonus. What should I charge…hm, if I charge that much I should definitely have supplemental products for them, what should those be? How many is just enough? Should I get them presents, like a sign up gift? I should have a specific focus for what kind of coaching program I offer. What should I focus on? If I focus on that, what is someone needs help with this instead….
Group coaching! Definitely group coaching! It has all the benefits of all of the other options but it’s so much easier to put together AND I’ll have a community to help me support everyone! Group coaching, why didn’t I think of that to begin with! Ok…group coaching.
What is the BEST thing I can coach on? How many people should I limit it to? How often should I address the group, and should there be a difference between training and answering questions? Am I going to need to be available 24/7? Hmm…that might be tricky… 
Does that sound familiar?

That, more than anything is the story of my life. If you could see my hard drive you would be shocked and awed. The number of ideas that I am in love with and absolutely have to create is somewhat criminal. And for the longest time they paralyzed me.

I knew I had something to offer the world, but I was driving myself in circles about how I was going to share it.

And then, once again, I remembered something I used to tell my clients when I was a business consultant:
“None of that matters. None of it. Who cares how you deliver it, just OFFER IT. If it’s not quite right, your audience will let you know. Then you can change it without spending the rest of your life speculating.”
And I could breathe again. 

I just needed to offer something!

Gosh, I was pretty smart when I was a consulting on other people’s businesses…

Ummmm…did I just figure something out? Have an epiphany?

Let’s take a minute to carefully digest that train of thought.
  • I spent 10+ years living and breathing sales, marketing and business development 
  •  I spent 8+ years proving myself as a copywriter (not to mention that prestigious English degree I got from University…) 
  •  I can create content in my sleep…in fact, I do. Often. 
  •  I have so many ideas I couldn’t possibly get them all out in the world to help people by myself 
  •  I have an entire mini-career in business development and the average Health Coach has…a few lessons?
…I was onto something. I knew I was onto something.

I had experience that could help people. Yes. True.

But I’m a health coach now, shouldn’t I be focusing all my energy on health coaching!?

I spent a great deal of time thinking about that.

And one day I was stressing out, vegging out and drinking too much wine when I realized,

it shouldn’t be this hard.

What do I really want to accomplish with my life? I know that I want to help people get healthier and happier. I know that down in the core of my being. I want to help the MOST amount of people possible become healthier and happier.

Can I do that alone?


Not a chance. I can change a few people’s lives. If I’m good at coaching, a few hundred maybe. If I’m really good, a few thousand in my career.

But all the health coaches in the world…now they can help millions. Billions probably!

There are well established health coaches already helping hundreds.

But there are exponentially MORE health coaches struggling. With all those same fears and paralyses that I was struggling with. There are hundreds if not thousands of health coaches out there right now about to quit because they don’t believe in themselves or can’t get themselves moving forward.

THAT is a travesty.

That can’t happen.

I won’t let that happen.

Now I was faced with only 1 one question: what comes first, the chicken or the egg? 

If I’m going to set myself up as a Health Coach who can help other Health Coaches develop their programs, create content that engages their audience and grow their businesses to the point of thriving…

Shouldn’t I have already proven myself as a Health Coach who can do that for herself?

Maybe. But maybe not…
The Chicken: Monique Nelson is a Health & Happiness Coach 
I do believe in myself as a Health Coach. My story with wellness has the power to change people’s lives. My personal health coaching practice is being built around the premise that being healthy is a complete waste of effort, if you’re not happy enough to enjoy your health. Health and happiness should always go hand in hand. No life should ever be complete without both of them. 

My experience began with food and my life continues to be heavily influenced by food, so nutrition is a large part of the focus I will always have for my personal practice.

But the underlying foundation of everything I teach will always be ownership.

I believe the secret to a happy and fulfilled life is taking responsibility for the life that is yours. My goal is to empower my clients to OWN their decisions, their choices, their lives. My content and products will all have that thread running through them.

But I’ve accepted the reality that it’s much easier to diagnose other people’s weaknesses than it is to conquer your own, alone.

As a Health Coach I believe that having someone there to support and help guide you is half the battle! And I accept that as true for myself as well.

I’m an “ideas” person. I’m a dreamer. I want to help clients personally, and I want to impact the entire world. I have no trouble seeing this particular style of over-eagerness as a stumbling block for clients, but labeling and overcoming it in myself, just because I say so, proves difficult.

So I’ve hired a coach! I’ve hired people who are at least one step ahead of me to help keep me on track and guide me through the process of building my own business up. Breaking through my own roadblocks.

I’ll be the first to admit my own weaknesses, but it’s actually good news for you. and here’s why…
The Egg: Monique Nelson Knows How To Develop Health Coaching Businesses
There are aspects of businesses that are more or less universal. There are things that you can do, and a lawyer can do, and a pet groomer can do that will grow each and every one of your businesses, regardless of how different they are. 

Maybe I don’t help hundreds of clients become happier and healthier through my personal health coaching programs. Yet.

But I have, over the past 10+ years, helped hundreds of business owners…
  • identify their ideal customers – the ones that not only are the easiest to work with, but also the most fascinating and fun and rewarding and profitable   
  •  think outside the box – move away from “that’s what’s done” and find their footing in “that’s what I do”
  •  create never ending streams of engaging and entertaining content 
  •  build a qualified email list AND keep them interested in until they’re ready to give invest in your services 
  •  develop a loyal, engaged and interactive community 
  •  organically grow a following that is willing and ready to refer them, defend them and in all ways rave about their brilliance 
  •  discover what means the most to them, what the core reason for starting their business is 
  •  break through the fear barriers and take a stand for what they believe and who they want to help 
  •  accept their limitations and preferences – you can’t serve everyone, so why not serve the clients you like best in the way you enjoy the most? 
I can do that for you too. 

If I can do that for business owners in nearly every random industry you can dream up, I can do that for you.

Regardless of where my own health coaching practice stands, I can do that for you.

Having dedicated a year of my life to IIN makes me even better at doing that for you.

Being obsessed with my own health for the past 15 years makes me uniquely qualified to do that for you.

Finding any topic in the health world absolutely and utterly fascinating, guarantees that I will be absolutely and utterly devoted to your unique niche and specialty.

Spending more than a year doing little else than dreaming up ways to create, present and develop programs means that I will have fresh ideas for you and your business. Ideas that can be customised and made to fit your personal approach.

Having a business coach of my own, and multiple mentors and support systems guiding and critiquing my every move? Well, that means you will have access to their ideas, critiques and guidance as well. Filtered through me.
Next Steps...
If you’ve read this far on my page, then the next step is a conversation. Face to face, you and me. Let’s Zoom. You schedule it, I’ll organize it. Together, we’ll get to know each other a little bit and decide if my history can help your business grow. I’m willing to bet it will, but we’ll never know until we chat. 

The first 30 minutes is free. Get started here: Schedule an Consultation
Health & happiness coaching
If you found this site looking for help in your own personal health & wellness journey, you might find my coaching programs useful. As a health coach, I try to take the focus OFF of what is "wrong" with your life, and start putting more emphasis on what is going right. 

I encourage nothing more but taking responsibility for all the decisions in your life and leading with what makes you happiest and most fulfilled. 

If it's time to start OWNING your own life, please see more of my services at MoniqueNelson.ca
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